Teaching Staff



Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – Geography and CRE)

Mr. Anthony M. Thumbi  (Senior Teacher – Mathematics and Geography)

Mr. Pius O Odida (HOD - Academics, Mathematics and Physics)

Mrs. Roselyne Magangi- Osero (Deputy HOD - Academics, Computer Studies)  

Mrs. Catherine K. Ringeera (HOD – Mathematics, Mathematics and Chemistry)

Mr. Francis N. Waweru (HOD – Science, Biology and Chemistry)

Mrs. Millicent A Onyango (HOD – Humanities, CRE and Kiswahili)

Mrs. Lucy Mwaura (HOD – Technical Subjects, Business Studies)

Mrs. Rose Mbinga (HOD – Languages, English and History)

Mrs. Margaret Osii (Head of Guidance and Counselling – English and Kiswahili)

Mrs. Grace Kinyua (Head of Boarding – Home Science)

Mr. Bernard Kamendi (Games Master – Mathematics and Physics)

Miss. Mercy Njagi (History and CRE)

Mrs. Modester M Gitonga (Geography and Business Studies) 

Mr. Michael Mburu (Mathematics and Physics)

Mrs. Nelius Kinyua (German)

Mrs. Mauline Shihundu (Mathematics and Biology)

Mrs. Agnes M Njoroge (English)

Mrs. Tabitha Oteki (English) 

Mrs. E Mokaya (English)

Mrs. Hilda Sumba (Music)

Miss. Winnie Odhiambo (Biology and Chemistry)

Mr. Francis Mutema Munyithya (Geography and History)

Mr. Theophilus Ndolo Kanuna (Maths and Physics)

Sr. Jane Liza (Biology and Geography) 

Mr. Francis Soipei Ndicu (CRE and History)

Mr. Dominic Ngila (Kiswahili and History) 


In order assist incoming staff to be meaningfully assimilated into the daily operations of the school, it is incumbent on all members of the community to ensure a sober and professional transmission of relevant information concerning the school. While it is understood that incoming individuals have a past based on their respective experiences, they will be expected to absorb and perfect the ethos and practices that have made Precious Blood perform at the top and compete favourably at the International Level.


The principal expectations on the incoming staff include:

  1. Punctual attendance to all stipulated lessons.
  2. Active involvement in all school organised activities.
  3. Decent dressing as befitting that of a parent in front of their children.
  4. Use polished language that encourages growth and enhances understanding for the students.
  5. Prepare comprehensive Schemes of Work and lesson notes that are in line with the curriculum and the syllabus as provided by the Kenya Institute of Education.
  6. Diligently mark any assigned students’ work.
  7. Make relevant and accurate entries of content taught in the weekly record of work book.
  8. Make accurate and neat entries into the class mark book and subsequently into the student report form at the end of each term. (Note: rubbing, cancelling or overwriting in the report forms is strictly prohibited)
  9. Follow due process when dealing with errant or deviant student behaviour.
  10. Remain vigilant and proactive during all outings in which one is responsible for students. Communicate promptly to the school administration any serious mishap or accident that occurs while on the outing.
  11. When in doubt, seek assistance from the relevant personnel.
  12. Direct all visitors of the school to the office.
  13. Contribute ideas that in your considered opinion will enable the school to improve in the respective domain.
  14. Uphold Christian values and observe total respect for the Roman Catholic Church who is the sponsor and founder of the school.
  15. Remain in school for the duration one is on duty.
  16. Act decisively, firmly and fairly to all students at all times.
  17. Assist any student who may come to you for academic advice, assistance or concern. Should it become clear to you that the nature of assistance the student is seeking is out of your professional jurisdiction and scope; refer them promptly to the appropriate department from whence assistance would be forthcoming.
  18. Seek permission directly from the Principal in the event of an impending absence from school and indicate the nature of work left for the students and which member of faculty will be in charge.
  19. Account fully for any school property under your care and surrender it back in good condition after use.
  20. Use school property with caution, always minimising wastage and optimising resources to the extent of enhancing student potential.
  21. Account comprehensively for all monies received for purposes of enhancing school programs.
  22. In the unfortunate event of a disagreement with a faculty member, seek appropriate redress and bring the situation under wraps before it degenerates into a verbal or physical assault. Seek solutions from those directly involved and do not drag other members of faculty who are not involved.   





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