Journalism Club



Journalism club is a recently founded club in the school. It consists of about fifteen students who are the pioneers of the club. With the increasing number of current events and the easy accessibility of information from the various resources supplied in the school, the future journalists compile reports ranging from educative, entertainment and relaxation.

The school has done its best to support the club by creating the opportunity for the journalists to attend the various functions attended by the school. The journalists then compile a report on the happenings of the event which is then made available to the rest of the school.

Running the club activities needs funds and this club tries to generate its own by making bookmarks and cards with specific messages that are sold during functions in the school e.g. on the annual parent’s day. The funds acquired are used to cater for projects such as the oncoming school magazine and the school newspaper.

Our mission as the journalism club is to produce a school magazine and newspaper which would be focused on educating, motivating and entertain the Precious Blood community as a whole. It is our vision and ambition that we strive to put in excellence in what we do, perform what is ordinary extra-ordinarily well and bring about a positive impact in the Precious Blood community and the country at large. What we have as the pioneers of the club is an uphill task, yet in our vision what we have is complete success. This is to state that we do not live to dream but instead, live to make our dreams live

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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