Chama Cha Kiswahili



Unique and one of its kind, the club is determined to remind people to embrace their mother language Kiswahili. A few passionate young girls have discovered the inability of most students, though fluent in English and other languages, to effectively communicate grammatically correct Kiswahili. We have taken it into our stride to encourage them to speak Kiswahili on specific days in school i.e. Monday and Wednesday.

It is our motive that the positive minded students will by the end of the year have improved their communication skills and vocabulary in the language through their own efforts.

We hope to:

1         Influence the other students to love and enjoy speaking Kiswahili

2         Teach Kiswahili vocabulary during specified assemblies

3         Encourage patriotism through the language

4         Participate in national Kiswahili Congresses and conferences

5         Encourage the students to use their talents like writing, poetry and theatre performance in Kiswahili.

Considering the future we hope to influence Kenya and the whole of east Africa to embrace our Mamaland language, Kiswahili.

Teaching Staff


Mrs Jacinta L Akatsa (Principal – Biology and Chemistry)

Sr. Elizabeth King’ori (Deputy Principal – …

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