Welcome to Precious Blood Secondary School – Riruta, a school of a simple background having risen from humble beginnings. We are a community that believes in excellence in all fronts and adequate and comprehensive preparation before engaging in any task. Most of our accomplishments have come as a result of blessings from on high as was espoused in our founding charter in 1964. 

Having been effectively run and managed by the Precious Blood Sisters from 1964 to date, a major administration shift occurred in 2001 when Mrs Gladwell Mungai (a lay person) took over the reins of leadership as Principal. She handed over to Mrs Jacinta Akatsa in 2005 on her retirement having served the school for 24 years. I have been at the school from 1988 to date and bring a wealth of experience in teaching Biology and Chemistry and also in the domains of Sport, Music and Drama. 

The founding Headmistress was Sr. Hildegardis Rotthove cps who was succeeded by Sr. Paula Wagner cps, the late Sr. Maria Claudia Menz cps and Sr. Maria Pacis Vogel cps. 

The staff both teaching and non-teaching are highly motivated and discharge their duties without supervision. Indeed we are a school where it is not necessary to keep a register in which the teaching staff sign in or sign out. Despite this, lesson attendance and classroom teaching learning is 100% effective, this is because the expected ethos are ingrained in each faculty member and they discharge their duties with due diligence, candour and maturity.  

Our students undergo meaningful transformation in their lives which never departs from them long after they have left school. This experiential discipline is ingrained in them through a deliberate, painstaking and methodical effort by teachers, parents and invited professionals in particular interest areas. The students are each other’s keepers and take responsibility for all their actions and hold each other to account for any untoward action.

The spirit of active sisterhood is highly espoused and practiced. Our school is what it is today partially because of the many anonymous and unspoken of donors and well-wishers through whose contributions we have been able to make major constructions of school facilities.

However, due to the expansion programme in place, our facilities are extremely stretched and thus the need to keep up with the emerging trend.  I hereby welcome you to our website and get to know more about us through all the presentations herein.            

Mrs. Jacinta L. Akatsa  -


Choir Club

CHOIR CLUB This is a club that offers an opportunity for students to express themselves through a well known art i.e. music. They are able to …

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